Saturday, November 5, 2011


COUGH: A sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs that clears the air passages. A common symptom of upper respiratory infection, bronchitis, pneumonia or tuberculosis.

What bothers me most right now is my health. I have this stupid cough for a month now. I’ve seen 4 different doctors. I took all the drugs I needed to take but the cough still wouldn't go away. I even took natural medicines... Calamansi juice, honey, Ampalaya leaf extract, and so on. Last Friday, the doctor said I needed to have my lungs checked because 4 weeks of cough is not a good sign. The result will come out next week and I'm really really hoping there's no problem with my lungs. The doctor said if I have lung issues, I would need to take a two-week off from work and the medication will take up to six effing months! I don’t want that L
All of the doctors that checked me are convinced that this is just an allergy because other than the coughing, I don’t have any symptoms or signs. I also believe that this is just some type of a strong allergy because I don’t feel weak, nauseous, feverish or anything else... just this throat-ripping-chest-tiring-cough. I cough more than I speak everyday.
Sometimes I lose my patience with myself and I just wanted to throw things away... believe me, most of the time the only moment my cough will stop is when I sleep. I feel that what's happening is unfair for me. I had flu shot, I swallowed all the medicines but I still cough non-stop! (The medicines I’ve taken from different doctors were co-altria, winthrop, erdostine, co-aleva, sinecod, mucobron forte, mepresone, ventolin expectorant and omeprazole)
Because of this cough, I wasn't able to stay and drink tonight. It's my cousin's birthday party and she asked me to stay for the night but I didn't. I also wasn't able to go to Navotas for a funeral. I couldn't drink or eat anything cold (see how boring it is???)
I really really need to be in good shape very soon. There's a lot of work in the office and we needed to render overtime even on rest days (very good timing for Christmas season though). For the first time, I am joining a cheering competition and I don’t want to screw it up.

I promised myself I would join the NaNoWriMo 2011 but I failed. I wrote a few chapter but wasn't able to edit and give a final read to it so I failed. :(

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ako lang
ang kayang umintindi sa lahat ng topak mo
Ang tanging nakakaalam ng dahilan sa bawat pagkilos mo.
Ako lang. Ako lang ang nakakaalam kung gaano ka katindi magmahal
at kung paano ka nila nasaasaktan.

Isang ako lang.
Isang ako lang ang makakapagpaliwanag sa lahat kung gaano kalaki ang puso mo.
At isang ako lang
ang nakakaramdam ng mga hinanakit mo.

Ako lang ang may kayang magsabing
isa kang mabuting tao.
Ako lang ang magkakaroon ng lakas ng loob na
ipagtanggol ka kung sakaling may kakalaban sayo.
Ako mismo ang haharap sa kanila.
Dahil kilala kita at alam kong mahina ang loob mo.
Ako mismo ang magtataas ng ulo mong lagi mong niyuyuko
kapag hindi ka naiintindihan ng mundo.
Ako ang magsisigaw ng lahat ng pangarap mo
para malaman nilang hindi lang kapakanan mo ang iniintindi mo.

Ako. Ang siyang nakakarinig ng mga
hiyaw mong hindi mo maisigaw
Ako rin ang siyang nakakakita ng mga galit mong
hindi mo maisambulat
at ng mga sentimyento mong
hindi mo kayang ikwento sa iba.
Ako. Ako ang nakakaalam kung gaano karaming luha
ang nasa likod ng iyong maskarang nagpipilit magpakasaya.

Alam ko kung paano ka matakot.
Alam ko kung paano ka magmahal.
Alam ko kung kailan ka nag-aalangan
at kung kailan ka talaga masaya.
Andito lang ako...
isang ako na nagmamahal sayo ng totoo.

Ang pinaka abalang buwan ngayon taon (Sa palagay ko)

I started the month with a bang in Boracay! The island really captured my heart and I will surely go back here. Ive never seen too many foreigners in my life before. There are foreigners everywhere I look, everywhere I go and everywhere I eat! I had so much fun despite the gastos and pagod :)

After a week, our department had a team building in Caliraya. Join pa rin! Its nice to meet new people and play games/activities with officemates. The most unforgettable with this experience is the MUD SLIDE. It was crazy! I tried it twice even though its cold and dirty :)

I had a rest on the third weekend. Oooopss, not a rest literally, I meant a rest from gala. Its time for rest day overtime. Too much work will kill ya.

One last hirit, Il be in Banio Creek for star gazing on the 30th (wherever that may be) I really dont know where that resort is, but what the heck eh? For as long as Im not alone, its ok. :)

More OT's this coming week! Cmon! Ano bang pakiramdam ng kumpleto ang tulog???

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hinihintay ko ang pagtila ng ulan

Hinihintay kong tumila ang ulan
Upang tanawin ang mga tala sa kalangitan
Nakakainip maghintay buong magdamag
Sa tulad mong puro salita't pangako lamang

Hinihintay kong tumila ang ulan
Nais ko sanang kausapin ang buwan
At itanong kung bakit ako mag-isa
Habang ikaw ay nasa ibang kandungan

Hinihintay ko ang pagtila ng ulan
Gusto kong maglakad sa gitna ng daan
Baka sakaling ikaw ay aking matagpuan
At malaman kung sino man ang iyong ka-ibigan

Hinihintay kong tumila ang ulan
Upang sa gayon lumiwanag itong isipan
At sa huli'y akin nang panindigan
Na ikaw nga ay isang bagyong napadaan lamang.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Meeting new people

Last April 30th during the clean up drive in Ilog Pasig, I happened to meet two new people who works in the company. One, a single mom of two and the other - a single dad of four.

Is it a sign that I can also have kids without father? (echos)

The single dad whom I remember is named Rommel is a father of 3 college students and one in fourth year high school! whew! He must be earning too much to have a capability of sending his 3 kids in college all at the same time! Well, he's only been with our company for 15 years. Fifteen effing years man! omigash, I wish I could stay that long with the company and I hope I could be as successful as him!

Liezl on the other hand, is a single mom of two. I wish her and her kids nothing but the best that life can offer.

Yes,  they are both singles and still they managed to raise their kids, be at work and still find spare time for community activities such as this clean up drive. I salute you both!

See you around guys!


Patatagan kami ng migraine ko - sino kaya ang unang susuko?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kaye's exhibit

Not now please.

Im feeling sick. Headache. Chill. My throat hurts. I can't afford to be on sick leave. I have so much to do this week.

Because of that Ibong Adarna in the office... my LSS for today is "If I should love again, if I find someone new.. it would be make believe for in my heart it would be you...." Nakakairita siya!

Monday, April 25, 2011